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Hey gang,

The website is temporarily down, so if you need information on the characters, here they are:

Senthann Kameiyata, one of the greatest names who wield the sword in history.

At a young age, his name was famous. His spectacular feats were known throughout Gaelice. He was as powerful as 10000 men, agile as the wind and could single-handedly fell hundreds of enemies.

Two decades ago, he faced Shadolus the Calamity Queen and goddess of Chaos, a once powerful celestial warrior who fell from grace to rule the lands of Hell plotting to conquer all. In a last attempt, Sethann unleashed all of his might into his last attack bringing down the dark goddess at the cost of his life.

Years have passed. And many are those trying to reach or even surpass the glory and legendary name that this brave warrior once held…

Now the three brothers Sahn, Tairo and Ryo decide to challenge the hero's legend. Alas their plan suddenly takes a fateful turn when they stumble on a medallion shaped as a flame: a Heart of Wildfire. Learning the mysterious artifact is seeked by the armies of the Sirken Cross, the forces formely leaded by Shadolus, the brotherly trio are engaged on a mission to find the remaining medallions before these hellish forces do and plunge Gaelice into chaos by the hands of their new leader, the one called the "General."


Sahn Lamarey
HOW - Sahn Lamarey Color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 20
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Mirador, kingdom of Vardalys

Sahn is the main character. During his childhood, he and his brothers were inspired by the tale of Senthann Kameiyata, one of the greatest warriors that ever lived and a hero who sacrificed himself to save the world by defeating Shadolus, the goddess of Chaos. Ever since then, their dream was born: to become greater legends than the hero himself. But Sahn's fate changes when he discovers a medallion shaped as a flame that mysteriously reacts to him. Learning that the strange artifact is seeked by the dark forces of the “Sirken Cross”, the army of the goddess of Chaos Shadolus that is now leaded by the enigmatic and mysterious “General” and his B.A.Ds (Blades of Ater Deus), Sahn and his brothers embark on a journey to gather the medallions called Hearts of Wildfire to stop the Sirken Cross’ ultimate ambition: gaining the medallions’ boundless power.

Sahn is a young man with a will as strong and wild as fire. He loves fighting, always bares a positive attitude regardless of the situations and loves to show his rebellious attitude as he unsheathes his sword when a fight calls him. He loves adventure and he tends to analyze a situation before jumping into high gears, although he has quite the habit of breaking that golden rule of his being hot-heated. Strangely when he is strongly embarrased, he starts being covered by fire. Despite some few arguments from time to time, he cherishes his brothers Ryo and Tairo more than anything. He considers Ziax as a true warrior and rival, but he always ends up arguing and fighting with him. Sahn doesn't like formalities, therefore he doesn't use Mariciel's royal title to call her as he considers her as a friend, not as a princess, though these two tend to have arguments like an old married couple. Like Mariciel, the young man truly admires pirates, especially Melandry. Sahn is the kind of person that see his friends as family as well and will step up anytime for them. Strangely, he calls every woman older than him "Sis".

Ryo Lamarey
HOW - Ryo Lamarey color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 22
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Mirador, kingdom of Vardalys
WEAPON: Long sword

Ryo is Sahn and Tairo’s elder brother. He is rather known to have little delicacy and no matters at a dining table. Nonetheless, the Lamarey elder isn't the elder just for show.

Ryo can be described as a cool-attituded young man. Unlike his brothers, he actually tend to think things through before rushing in. A trait coming from his father; he can hold alcohol pretty well, a skill that his younger brothers can't match to this day. Ryo has a great fascination when it comes to wolves and can strangely hang out with a pack of them without ending up being devoured. He sometimes gets in fights with his younger brothers, but shows towards them a brotherly authority in needed times. He trusts Sahn and Ryo, but he watches over them continuously and will not hesitate a single second to use his life as a shield for them. Ryo happens to be a great adversary to the game of chess, a quality that surprises Demitel a lot. He loves keeping Misaora company but this one seems always to be angered by him without Ryo provoking her or him complaining about it. Melandry, on the other hand, sees Ryo as a big brother figure, which pleases a lot the pyrothic swordsman. Ryo is someone in which anyone can see a "big brother".

Tairo Lamarey
HOW - Tairo Lamarey color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 19
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Mirador, kingdom of Vardalys
WEAPON: Twin Swords

Tairo is the youngest of the flaming brotherly trio in the group. He gets along with his brothers, but tends to argue with them sometimes. His personality holds from them: thoughtful and reflexive, but hot-heated and lovinf to rush into action in high horses. His greatest trait is his unequal passion for women. He is a grand romantic towards ladies and possesses a great sense of chivalry, but it is this same passion that sometimes gets him in trouble.

Tairo was born as a true stubborn one. One he sets his mind one something, it will take gods and more to make him change his mind. He loves being in the rush and strongly believes in himself. Although his great self-confidence, he sometimes feels being far behind his brothers who always protected him b hack in his younger years, making him think of himself as the weakest; yet he always manages to prove himself worthy the Lamarey name. He is more than determined to gain Sanya's heart, despite his Casanova ways. He sees Demitel as a rival, though this one isn't interested in his so-called "love rivalry". He calls Misaora "Sis" as he, Sahn and the others mistakingly believe she is Ryo's "girlfriend" due to a "certain" incident. Tairo has proven to be a strong asset in the crew, has an incredible hate against injustice and may the Gods pray for any of his adversaries hurting a woman in front of his eyes, as his rage will know no bounds.

Sanya Olsahann
HOW - Sanya Olsahann color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 19
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Duran, kingdom of Vardalys
WEAPON: Magical staff

Sanya always has a cool attitude towards each situation, making her an excellent azurian mage. Her mother is Danelle Olsahann, headmistress and founder of the Crystal Blue Magic Academy specialized in the teachings of the magical azurian arts (water magic). Sanya's father is Allen Olsahann, a fantastic swordsman mostly known as "the Dancer of the Oceans" who died in duty. She has a deep admiration towards them and is seeking to follow well in their footsteps.

Sanya is known for her cool and friendly persona, but knows as well how to loosen up and have fun occasionally. She is of great kindness and understanding towards her comrades and gets along well with everyone. Despite her great qualities, Sanya can sometimes experience a little lack of self-confidence doubting that she can't live up to her parents' name and accomplishments, but with her new friends, this fear becomes quickly subdue. She can't handle insults very well; a small insult from someone can lead her to torture the one who would dare to. She turns down every love attempt from Tairo repeatedly, though she finds his determination and courage cute sometimes. She enjoys spending time with Demitel, this one always teaching her something new, which Tairo considers as a "love rival for Sanya's heart." If Sanya despises one thing in this world is the fact that the name and honor of her family is insulted which could make her be a fearsome adversary to whoever would dare spit on her name.

Demitel Behronn
HOW - Demitel commission by Quiss
AGE: 21
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Borealas, capital of the northen Kingdom of Valgan
WEAPON: Magical bracelet & books

Demitel is particularly known for a certain thing: his knowledge. His father, Edward Alexis Behronn is an adventuring mage traveling across the whole world by cultivating the history of Gaelice and uncovering its mysteries from its various cultures. That passion of his was passed on his son. At a certain age, Demitel decided to take a journey on his own to experience his own knowledge-seeking adventures.

He is among the group the responsible one and wisest, though the others see him more as a human encyclopedia. Demitel is a man with manners but likes to brag sometimes about its intelligence from time to time. If someone dares mistreat his books, he could almost kill for a simple scratch. He and Sanya get along very well and this one seems attracted to this gentleman, something that attracts Tairo's jealousy. Expert in physical combat and different types of magicks, he demonstrates being an amazing fighter. He believes his journey with Sahn against the Sirken Cross will not only help him explore the world, but also preserve some of history's treasures of Gaelice.

Melandry Rocklander
HOW - Melandry R. color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 18
RACE: Phelynian
BIRTHPLACE: Metropolis of D'Azrabah
WEAPON: Spear (can also use short knives & pistols)

Melandry's dream is to be recognized as the greatest pirate to has ever walked Gaelice. She is very energectic and loves to put life in everything. Melandry was born in the metropolis of D'Azrabah, a very commercial city known for its cultural diversity and for the hideouts of pirates and bandits.

She is very sociable and cheerful and likes to speak with everyone, particularly wtih Ziax, this one sharing a lot of things in common with her: being of the same race, a wielder of the spear and a martial artist. She tries non-stop to attract his attention by trying to impress him with her skills. She also shows a brother-sister affection towards Ryo (whom she calls him "BroRyo"), seeing him as a brotherly figure. Both of them sometimes have drink battles, being able to hold alcohol pretty well. She is part of the pirate crew named the "Stars Corsairs" (temporary title), leaded by her mother, Captain Veronique "Red Lady" Rocklander, and first mate and second-in-command, Edwardo "Strong Arms" Rocklander, her father. With this crew, they reign and travel over the skies and seas on their ship called "Emeraude." Despite her joyful and immature behavior, she's very thrustworthy as a friend and cares a lot about everyone. She is a great guide capable of reading the actual position through the stars and is very handy when it comes to anything that has to do to with mechanics and technology. Among the crew, Sahn and Mariciel seem to be her no.1 fans for their admiration for pirates.

Ziax Clayrion
HOW - Ziax Clayrion color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 20
RACE: Phelynian
BIRTHPLACE: Raydea Island

When it comes to be tough and serious, Ziax is a great expert on this subject. He was born and raised in Raydea, an island governed by monks teaching the mastering the control of elements through spiritual energy. It is by admiration of Sahn's strength that he decides to join his cause so he can discover what makes him strong and to get the chance to fight strong opponents as the dark forces of the Sirken Cross. He sees Sahn as a great warrior in-becoming, but also as the perfect rival, but these two often embark themselves in fights against each other.

He loves fighting strong opponents and face hard challenges to improve himself. Ziax is very independent and his arrogance does not know when to stop, especially during battles. He learns along his new friends that having teammates isn't the same as developing weaknesses and slowly develops his faith towards them. He isn't really the social-type of person, but he does enjoy having a drink, nonetheless he can't even hold one glass of alcohol in his body without falling drunk automatically. Melandry develops a great interest in him and even if he does not seem to be aware of her feelings, Ziax seems to be brought closer to her unconsciously slowly acknowledging her as a fearsome fighter. During his journey, he hopes to come across and surpass his father who taught him everything and who is seen as a combattant genius in his homeland. During his solo journey, before meeting Sahn, his reputation got him the name of "Prince of Lightning".

Mariciel d'Orthela Myra
HOW - Mariciel D. Myra color by RedRoninsVault
AGE: 20
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Cereis, capital of the kingdom of Ceruflena
WEAPON: Fencing sword (can also use bow & arrows)

Mariciel is the princess of Ceruflena and heir to this kingdom's throne. Her father and tutor is General Nyo D'Orthela. He is the head of the Ceruflenian military forces and also the most loyal subject and childhood friend to his Majesty Queen Sirimé Myra, ruler of Ceruflena. Knowing each other since they were children, a bond of love birthed between these two, despite their positions. When Mariciel was born, Sirimé offered Nyo a place at her side as king, but this one declined the offer with a smile replying that the only title he needed at her beloved’s side was that of a devoted husband and father.

Mariciel is kind and admirable. Born and raised as a princess, she is dignified, respectful, intelligent and full of matters, in her ways of speaking and acting. She is strong with great abilities in white magic, kazelian arts, fencing and archery. She agrees to join Sahn and his group to counter the dark army of the Sirken Cross and for two other reasons: to use this journey to strenghten herself to be a good queen after her mother and to search for someone named, "Damien", a young man she met and fell in love with some years ago. Always teasing each other, Sahn and Mariciel seem to end up arguing for many reasons, but from the point of view of the others, they look like a married old couple while arguing. Despite some hard-knock moments in her friendship with him, Mariciel appreciates Sahn for showing him the world and learning her not to always act royally as he treats her as a person, not as a princess. She admires and respects Misaora as this one, from her point of view, is a great example of what she seeks to be: a strong woman and warrior. She is fascinated with pirates, especially Melandry's pirate crew. Mariciel doesn't tolerate any sort a crime or mischievous action, no matter what it is.

Misaora d'Aritza
HOW: Misaora by Lumaga
AGE: 20
RACE: Human
BIRTHPLACE: Country of the Fang, Daigeron Empire
WEAPON: Two short swords (and other shinobi weapon and accessories)

Misaora is originating from a hidden village in the country of the Fang, part of the Daigeron Empire. She was put on the path of the ninja at early age and shown great skills and strength at this same period. At only the age of 11, Misaora manages to become fully fledged warrior of the shinobi ways, but in order to prove her superiority, she left the country for a personal quest: to be the next and first "Goddess" of the Ying and Yang, a title only so far held by Zarutobi Yen Daigeron, ex-ruler and founder of the Daigeron Empire. For that task to be accomplished, she intends to retrieve this mythical warrior's authentic swords: the tenebrous and demonic sword Murasama, and the holy blade of light, Masamune.

Misaora is a helpful person and always cool-headed in a serious way. She is honest, determined and when it comes to battle, it is never known when and from where she will appear or come out from. Not very familiar with the concept of friendship, she is a bit closed down on herself and not very talkative at first, but she slowly opens her heart to others, especially with the help of the girls in the group. Misaora hids it, but she has a soft spot cute-looking things; she actually enjoyed playing with Melandry's ears when she first met her. She gets easily irritated when it comes to Ryo as she always ends up biting his head off without this one ever doing anything to provoke her. She can't stand his brothers as well, calling her "Sis" because of a certain "incident". Nonetheless, the Lamarey elder seems to be the only one being able to make her in a good mood and feel better as she doesn't always mind his company.

H.O.W. - Weapons by FallenAngelGM
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Joichiroll Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, hey I know making a comic takes lots of time, effort and dedication (being in the same field myself, as a working freelance artist)

I'm wondering regarding H.O.W, if there has been much progress in terms with the comic story? (other than character profiles?) Is there one solo artist working on it, or will they have a crew of assistants to help out.. like backgrounds, inking, editing.etc?

Otherwise I am interested to see how it all turns out.
FallenAngelGM Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013
Check the journal entries in :iconredronins: ;) Especially the first one. And you'll see :D
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Styer-Crisis Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I'm thinking of entering your contest. I like your characters, have you tried making a manga/comic?

The characters give me Lunar flashbacks. I truly recommend the games if you haven't played them. They're a bit dated, but good.
FallenAngelGM Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
We're actually trying to make a manga out of it, of course. The scenarios have been written, only the pages needs to be done. :)
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That's good, I can't wait to see it. :D
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